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We are temporary staffing and employment service providers from Mumbai, India. A temp is a temporary worker with an organization who will be on our payroll. The reason is not too difficult to guess as organization focus on their core business strengths in a highly competitive environment, the non core functions are outsourced. We will provide the manpower for the latter. The manpower hired will be a temporary employee, therefore you will do not have pay the perks that a permanent staff. If the performance of the employee is satisfactory the person can be transferred on the permanent payrolls. Statutory complexities are also taken care of by us for Temporary Office Staffing Service.


Rise India Jobs realizes that even in this age of technology, the way for organizations to maintain their profitability is through the development of their people. We can provide a wide range of Human Resource outsourcing services and programs that are designed to ensure that your corporate environment is thriving.


Why do companies use payroll service companies to outsource their payroll issues? Simply, because most companies need every moment to spend focused on growing the business, not filling out government forms, tax deduction, setting up employee benefits, insuring compliance with hiring regulations etc.

That’s why at Success Recruitment Solutions we say focus on your business and leave the rest to us.