Share Trading is not depending on luck. It’s completely upon on Knowledge and Experience what we have. Creating Wealth is a very simple method. Just we have to follow strict discipline while we trading. Share Trading and Investing is one and only one tool that we can earn much we can. Certain rule we have to set for good earning and we have to follow the same. First learn how to trade and start it will Give Wings to Fly.

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Badshah H Shaikh

Ismail Shaikh

A. S. Bhosle

Kasim Shaikh

Abbas Shaikh

Arif Chaudhari

Rasul Khan

Salman Attar

Mehaboob Bandiwadekar

K. Sarvanan

Ajay Bhosle

We proudly welcome you as the newest Investor of Easy Trader & Investor. We are confident that this step that you have taken will bring you fulfilling returns in the future.

I am enclosing a recent issue of our company digest and annual reports for more information. We will also give you regular updates on our financial performance.

We encourage you to take active participation in our monthly meetings and other related activities associated with being a Investor. It would also be most appreciated if you can share with us your ideas, comments and suggestions.



Mahesh Nair

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