Creating awareness since 1989                               23 street plays on social issues                               5 times constantly in Limca Book of Records                               We are Pan India and comfortable in all languages                               Perfomed more than 18000 street shows                              

Let us introduce

First of all, We would like to introduce ourselves SMITA PATIL STREET THEATRE is a street play group founded by Yusuf Qasmi in memory of veteran Actress Smita Patil, to educate public by creating awareness through street plays and suggesting solution to the problems. SPST has presented more than 18000 shows all over india. We have street play on every social evils like Drugs Awareness, Illitracy, AIDS Awareness, Swachh Bharat, Family Planning, Child Labour, Women & Child Health, Vegetarian, Corruption, Eye Donation, Organ Donation, Body Donation, Road Safety, Factory Safety, Gas Pipe Line Safety, Arthritis, Asthma, Thalassemia, etc.

Started performing street plays for NGO Mukti Sadan; SPST has served PD. NANA CHUDASAMA'S Forum against Drugs and AIDS, Narcotic cell(for Shahid Hemant Karkare), SUPPORT, NARC, Jagriti Kendra, Apnalaya, Prayatana, Kripa Foundation, Sevadhan, Kidney Foundation of India, Lions International, Rotarian's, Giants, Jain Sadhu Margi Samta Manch, Saugat NGO Sirsa and Reliance Foundation. We had also worked for Event Companies like Percept, Incampus, Brandcom, Milestone, Maximus, Every Thing Goes, Brand box etc.

About Founder

Yusuf Qasmi is an Indian theatre person who has founded SMITA PATIL STREET THEATRE with object to spread awareness amongst masses against social evils through his famous street play "ANTH", which is listed 5 times constantly in Limca Book of Records as longest running street play. Till date, SPST have perfomed 6554 shows of this play.

Work Profile - SPST -:

  • ANTH                             DRUGS/GUTKHA/ALCOHOL AWARENESS       6554
  • SANDESH                      ILLITERACY AWARENESS                                   2579
  • SAVDHAAN                   AIDS AWARENESS                                               2142
  • PAIGHAM                       POLLUTION CONTROL                                        3915
  • PARIVAR                       FAMILY PLANNING                                              1730
  • MANAVHATYA             NON - VEGETERIAN                                               100
  • BALMAJDOOR             CHILD LABOUR                                                       160
  • BEBAS                            WOMEN & CHILD HEALTH                                   100
  • INDIA                              CORRUPTION                                                           10
  • NETRADAAN                 EYE DONATION                                                       50
  • NIMANTRAN                 KIDNEY DONATION                                                50
  • LAHOO                           BLOOD DONATION                                                200
  • QURBAN                         BODY DONATION                                                  100
  • SARAY                           KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY                          100
  • BACHAT                         CREDIT SOCIETY                                                    500
  • YUVA                              VOTER'S AWARENESS                                             50
  • DHAARANA                  ASTHMA AWARENESS                                            10
  • SAVDHAANI                 SAFETY WEEK                                                            15
  • BETI                               RAPE PREVENTION                                                     5
  • AURAT                           WOMEN EMPOWERMENT                                          2
  • U,ME & MORTEIN         DENGUE AWARENESS                                               50
  • YES                                 ELECTRICITY SAVING                                               50
  • RED FM CHA RAJA     ECO FRIENDLY VISARJAN                                         26
  • APNA GHAR                SLUM REHABILITATION AUTHORITY                       50
  • SURAKSHA                   GAS PIPELINE SAFETY                                             200

Apart from this:

  • SPST has also conducted Acting Workshop for Street Children, Corporates and Individuals.
  • SPST has made many short films like Main Babasaheb Ambedkar Bol Raha Hoon, Mumbai Kiski Hain?, Zimmedar Kaun?, Uncle – The Guide, Purna Satya, etc.
  • Members of SPST has been casted in many Ad Films, Short Films, Serials and Films such as Mc Donald Ad, Black Mirror 2 (short film), Bijuka (short film for Cannes Film Festival), Qabool Hai (Zee Tv), Many Episodes of Crime Patrol, The American Gandhi (Hollywood Movie), etc.
  • SPST in association with Nashik Risers Film Production has recently completed hindi feature film Perfect Plan which is awarded as Best Indian Film and Best Debut Director (Yusuf Qasmi) at Nashik International Film Festival. The film is scheduled to release in 2017 world wide.

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