Swedish massage is a sure way to ease off fatigue, boost your energy levels and re-energize your body by rejuvenating seasonal blend of oils to provide a firm and deeply relaxing and healing experience. We recommend it for its effectiveness in relieving muscle soreness and stimulating overall blood circulation.

60 mins/90mins

French Aroma

Inspired by the science of Aromatherapy, this gentle treatment combines that senses of touch and smell with the use of essential oils extracted from variety of organically grown plants and flowers. Aromatherapy relaxes the body by calming the skin and nerve endings.

60 mins/90mins


Balinese massage is one of the traditional Indonesian massages. Originating from the island of Bali, the traditional Balinese royal massage is a continuum of relaxing acupressure, skin rolling, and Firm, smooth strokes along specific energy channels.

60 mins/90mins

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, lower back tightness, and sore shoulders.

60 mins/90mins

White N Bright Signature (4 Hands)

Our senior spa trainers have developed this signature body work for the regular spa and Fitness enthusiast. This bodywork has an integration of sports massage and Thai acupressure Techniques those are very effective in working on deep tissue, fascia and muscles.



Traditionally known in India as “Champi”, this is the source of all modern scalp therapies. It is an invigorating experience where firm and fast strokes are combined with stimulation of trigger points on the head to improve blood flow, nourish the scalp and induce a deep sense of calm.


Comforting Back

This therapy based on ancient Indian healing science uses the knowledge that a flexible and tension free back is the back bone for bodily alignment. Melt into total relaxation as our expert therapists dissolve the tension stored in the muscles of the back and leave you feeling energized and refreshed.


Foot Reflexology

Recognized by the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China and India and perfected by the healers. Enjoy this relaxing and pampering treatment for tired feet where application of pressure point massage stimulates the reflex points on your feet that correspond to the various internal organs. We recommend reflex therapy to relieve muscle fatigue after a long journey or a tiring day.

30 mins/60mins
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